Forced Circulation Evaporator

Forced Circulation Evaporator (FCE) is a combination of shell and tube heat exchanger, a separator and circulation pump.

Circulation pump is axial flow pump with high discharge and low head. The Pump maintains good velocity of liquid in tubes. This combination with adequate hydrostatic head above top tube sheet suppresses boiling inside the tube. Therefore scaling of tube during evaporation is minimized.


  • Can handle slurry with 30 to 40 % suspended solids.
  • Circulation pump ensures high tube velocity with minimum power consumption.
  • Correct design of vapor liquid separator guarantees clear distillate with minimum entrainment.


  • Pre concentration of effluent stream before drying.
  • Multiple effect arrangement can be used to reduce stream consumption.
  • Wastewater concentration of solution having organic and inorganic salts.
  • Can be used as evaporative crystallizer.
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