Double Cone Blender

Double Cone Blender is efficient and versatile equipment for homogeneous mixing of dry powder and granules. This blender achieves absolute homogeneity in the blending of a wide variety of free flowing, dry materials. This is accomplished even with dry materials.

Double Cone Blender are dissimilar in particle size and shape, because the double cone design interfolds the material regardless of its flow properties.

Design Highlights:

  • Three side accessibility
  • Higher clearance under discharge
  • Small floor space requirements
  • Competitively priced
  • Dependable blending

Double Cone Blender designs eliminates dead spots which occasionally occur in conventional double cone blender.

The particle size reduction is minimized due to the absence of any moving blades.

Shape of blender body results in a near complete discharge of product material, clearly an added advantage over horizontal blender.

Blender rotates, the material at the sides nearest the access starts to cascade first, striking the sloping sides of the cone where it is deflected towards the center. The progressive cascading action moves material from the smallest axial radius and towards the center. The speed of the unit determines the point of rotation at which the material starts to cascade.

A second action takes place simultaneously with the cascading action. Material falling in to the middle of the blender spreads apart as it falls, mixing with the material flowing inwardly from the sides. The double blending action is so rapid and effective that particles of different physical properties cannot separate, and are interspersed uniformly throughout the batch.

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