Liquid Liquid Extractor - LLE / Extractor

Liquid – Liquid Extractor

Liquid – Liquid Extractor (LLE) is having shell with eccentric agitator giving a series of mixers and settlers. It is a mass transfer equipment where desirable component from liquid feed is get extracted in immiscible solvent which has greater affinitytowards desirable component in feed.

After extraction we get, solvent with desirable component as extract and feed with very little of desired component as raffinate. Continuous and dispersed phase is decided based on properties of two phases.


  • Continuous operation as compared to batch operation in kettle.
  • Reduction in solvent consumption, power and space as compared to batch operation.
  • Consistent results.
  • High Extraction Efficiency.


  • Extraction of desired product or impurities from reaction mass.
  • Removal of acidity by washing.
  • Separation of close boiling components.
  • Waste water treatment for reduction in COD & BOD.
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